Agricultural Machinery Gear Box

Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Gearbox,Worm Gearbox,Planetary Gearbox,Bevel Gear,Spur Gearbox,Agricultural Pto Gearbox

Application: agriculture machinery
For Aluminium Drive Gearbox, the boxes are cast precisely by high steel material and processed at pricessing center;the gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, are treated with surface hardening and gear ground; and the key parts are imported. The whole geared motors are small in volume, with great load-carrying capacity,steady running, low noise and high efficiency. Our gearboxes have reached the advance international level, can replace the same kind of products imported.

Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Gearbox,Worm Gearbox,Planetary Gearbox,Bevel Gear,Spur Gearbox,Agricultural Pto Gearbox

The agricultural gearbox is the key mechanical element of the kinematic chain of agricultural machines. It really is normally influenced by the tractor ability take-off via the PTO shaft and the gearbox drives. The working torque can even be transmitted to the gearbox by hydraulic motors or belt pulleys, in addition to chain gears.

Agricultural gearboxes will have 1 input shaft and at least 1 output shaft. If these shafts are positioned at 90° to one another, the gearbox is an ORTHOGONAL ANGLE gearbox or more typically called a right-angle gearbox.

If the input and output shafts are put parallel to each other, the agricultural gearbox is known as PARALLEL SHAFT gearbox.

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We source pto shaft for agriculture machine.
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Tractors are used found in agriculture to mechanize a sizable selection of jobs by delivering a higher tractive effort at slow speeds. The slow operation speeds are essential for the driver since they provide a much better control of the performed responsibilities. Nowadays all types of tractors’ transmissions (manual, synchro-shift, hydrostatic drive, and glide shift) concentrate on best functionality and easy procedure. Although every transmission has a different mechanism, they all employ transmitting shafts to pass on the engine torque to the differential.

The Right-angle Gearbox can be employed in various agricultural machinery applications. It is perfect for use with productivity shaft extra, offset rotary fillers and hollow. A reduction ratio as high as 2.44:1 is provided. The Right-angle Gearbox includes cast iron case. In addition, it supplies a power rate as high as 49kW.


1.Material we can focus on: Alloy Steel, Carbon Metal, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Plastic and Aluminum.
2.Processing of gear and shaft: Forging, Lathing, Hobbing, Milling, Trimming, Shaping, Shaving, Grinding, Heat treatment, Teeth Grinding, Inspection.
3.Temperature THERAPY Method: Carburizing, Induction, Flame, Nitriding
4.Main Machines of Equipment and shaft Production we Have: NC gear hobbing devices,NC Equipment Shapers(Gleason,Moude),NC lathe,NC equipment Shaving machines,NC equipment millling,Nc gear grinding Machines.
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Large output torque
Safe, reliable, cost-effective and durable
Stable transmission, quiet operation
High heat-radiating efficiency, large carrying ability
Certificate of top quality: ISO9001:2008
Every product should be tested before sending
Manufactured from high-quality aluminum non, alloy and light weight-rusting
Large output torque.
Smooth working and low noise.
High radiating efficiency.
Good-looking small volume, appearance and tough service life.
Engine Electric power Gearbox is suitable for Omni bearing installation.
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